“DRY Natto” by the decompression fry method


“Dry Natto” of Forza Inc. that is popular as the in-flight snacks for long years.


Since it doesn’t have stickiness and a smell peculiar, you can have nourishment of natto(fermented soybeans) in the closed space of airplane. Surprisingly, many people who doesn’t care for natto likes “Dry natto" of Forza Inc..


We have 3 flavors of our basic products, "plum", "lightly-salted" and "parched small sardine", you can choose it for your preference anywhere and anytime as a necessary source of nutrition.


So, do you want to know “Dry Natto” of Forza Inc. more in detail?

・Natto and dried natto

・Type of dried natto

・“Dry Natto” of the decompression fry method only in Forza Inc.


The difference between natto and dried natto


Do you know how the natto is made?


Natto is a traditional Japanese fermented food that bacteria called the natto bacterium work on the seed of the leguminous plant called soybean. natto bacterium digests the ingredient of the soybean and produces various nutrients.


The characteristic ingredient is "natto kinase". You may know it is said that natto kinase keeps blood fluent and clean.


The ingredients such as vitamin B complex and vitamin K, calcium are also included, and they are said to prevent the osteoporosis.


In addition, the effects to relieve fatigue and regulate the functions of the intestines are expected because soybean isoflavone that assists a function of female sex hormone, high quality protein and dietary fiber that soybean itself has are included abundantly.


On the other hand, dried natto is the natto that is dry literally. The difference comes out to some ingredients during drying process, but relatively dried one has more nutritive value than natto at the same weight.


In addition, one of the features of drying is to be preserved over a long term. You don’t need to worry even if you forgot to put it in a bag. You had better not forget it though!


Comparing these on a food classification, natto is in perishables. On the other hand, the dried natto is classified into bean confectionery. This is one of the big differences.


Type of dried natto

As I say dried natto in one word, it is divided into three types by the difference of manufacturing method.


At first, it is "dried natto" that is eaten in Japan from the old days. This is a salt seasoned fermented and sun dried natto. Since it is very hard texture, putting it on Ochaduke, -boiled rice with tea - is the common way to eat. Once absorbed water, the stickiness and smell unique to natto returns, it is a must meal for natto enthusiasts.


Other two are almost the same on their appearances. The biggest amount in the market now is "freeze-dried natto". It is the manufacturing method to decrease only water without spoiling a flavor and the feel of ingredient as much as possible by a modern technique. It is called lyophilization in Japanese.


This is dried without spoiling an important nutrient of natto, and it can be preserved for a long period. You can just eat it with the crispy texture like snack. However, stickiness and smell come out in the mouth, the people who dislike it may worry or mind neighboring reactions when eating it in a closed room.


The last one is “Dry Natto” of Forza Inc.. The appearance is almost the same as freeze-dried natto. You feel the crispy texture like a snack, too. The biggest feature is the stickiness and the smell hardly appear in the mouth. So all the people who likes or dislikes natto can eat it so easily without minding a place and situation.


This "Dry Natto" is made with our original technique called the decompression fry method. Simply put, natto is fried at low temperature. When natto is fried at a high temperature like Tempura, the natto bacterium dies. We make "Dry Natto" of Forza with crispness by the exquisite temperature and manufacturing method that natto bacterium is alive.


However, one thing I say the demerit, even if the natto bacterium is alive, the effects of the natto kinase that is an enzyme which is a kind of protein decreases by frying it. 

“Dry Natto” of the decompression fry method only in Forza Inc.

 The natto bacterium is the live bacteria used for producing natto is active lively. The soybean changes a figure into natto by a function of natto bacterium, and the rich nutrition in the soybean becomes easy to be absorbed in the human body more.


However, how to process "Dry Natto" with keeping sensitive natto bacterium alive was a big problem.


After the five years research and study, we finally devised “the decompression fry method" original to Forza Inc.


We fry natto with natto bacterium alive under the temperature management and let it sleep in the spore. When you eat "Dry Natto", the natto bacterium wakes up in your stomach, and be active again. In addition, this processing keeps a taste of natto and allows the long-term preservation at the room temperature.


Please enjoy our delicious "Dry Natto" that the natto bacterium alive with anyone, anywhere and anytime.